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RSPCA reveal strange inquiries

Wednesday December 21st 2011

An animal welfare charity has revealed some of the strangest requests for help that they had received in the past 12 months.

The RSPCA said 2011 has been one of the busiest years to date, with the society handling over a million phone calls and more than 14,000 online inquiries.

But there have been a few calls that have left staff slightly puzzled, like the person who rang to complain that a neighbour's power shower causes their dog to go to the toilet, and a woman who rang to complain about a blackbird in her garden that wasn't singing.

Another concerned resident believed the gulls in the area were radioactive but it turned out that nearby garden lights were illuminating them and turning them green. Another caller rang to cancel a visit because their dead tortoise had 'come back to life'.

It wasn't just people's own pets that were a cause for concern as one caller rang the RSPCA concerned about the talking meerkats on the Compare The Market advert.

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