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RSPCA publishes its 'cracker callouts' on Blue Monday

Tuesday January 17th 2017

A soft cuddly snake in Surrey, a stone tortoise in Sheffield and a crying cat that turned out to be a computer game are just some of the hilarious call outs the RSPCA has published to cheer up people on the most depressing day of the year.

The charity received 1,153,744 calls in 2016 - one every 27 seconds - and says it has a pattern of callers mistaking inanimate objects for live creatures.

The RSPCA is now urging people to make sure they have a genuine problem before making a call.

In December, Alan Farr was asked to help free a bird that had become stuck in an attic.

The animal collection officer said: "I went into the lady's home and we could hear a regular 'peeping' noise.

"She said she thought it was coming from her roof so we looked and looked. After searching around and unable to find the mystery bird I then went into her front room and found a smoke alarm beeping after the battery had gone flat."

Charity spokesman Dermot Murphy said: "We know that people mean well and most of these calls are not made in malice. And although we would like to be able to help everyone, we simply haven't got the staff to personally investigate each and every issue that the public brings to us.

"We must prioritise to make sure we get to the animals most in need."

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