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RSPCA calls for firework ban

Tuesday May 17th 2016

The RSPCA is urging pet owners to support a campaign to restrict the sale of fireworks ahead of a debate next month in the House of Commons. The animal charity says the number of calls it receives about fireworks runs into the hundreds each year.

The explosions caused by fireworks are said to be very frightening for dogs, cats and rabbits. The RSPCA wants to ban private firework use, except for four days a year.

These are November 5, December 31, Diwali and the Chinese New Year. The charity also wants maximum noise levels for publicly sold fireworks to be lowered to just 96 decibels from the current 120.

MPs will debate the matter on June 6 after receiving a 100,000-signature petition and the RSPCA wants people to write to them. The organisation says it got 386 phone calls concerning fireworks in 2015 - a jump from the 255 four years earlier.

Pet owners can minimise animal stress by keeping them inside and turning up music or television to mask the noises outside. They should also give pets a safe place in which to hide during fireworks displays.

Pets kept outside such as rabbits should have plenty of additional bedding as well as a blanket over their enclosure for enhanced sound-proofing.

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