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Queen collars dog accessory market

Thursday June 2nd 2016

Dog owners can now get right royal pet accessories fit for the Queen. That's because the Royal Collection Trust has just launched a new range of 11 canine "must-haves".

They include Buckingham Palace-engraved leather collars for £35 and £40, as well as bone-shaped tartan squeaky toys for £14.95. Leather dog leads costing £45 and £50 and Hunting Stewart tartan-decorated coats at £35-£45 are also for sale.

The tartan livery is the one worn at Holyroodhouse Palace, the Queen's official Scottish residence. Dog owners in the market for a bowl with a difference can spend £25 on one with a special royal crest made out of bone china and 24-carat gold.

A tartan-collared bandana and grooming brush both cost £9.95. In addition, pet beds, tartan-fleece blankets and accessory pouches are available at £65-£75, £60 and £14.95 respectively.

The Queen's love of dogs is well known. She has owned some 30 pooches down the years, and has a special soft spot for corgis. Consumers can purchase a special toy corgi for £15.95.

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