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Pups saved after escaping into road

Tuesday August 19th 2014

Police were needed to round up 10 Weimaraner dogs from a busy road after they escaped from a Wiltshire home on Sunday afternoon.

An officer saw the nine puppies and their mother in the middle of a road in Seend, near Devizes and called for help to take them to safety.

Just 20 minutes after the dogs arrived at a local police station, their owner rang the police and informed officers they were missing.

She was told that her dogs were safe and sound before she drove to the station to pick them up.

A Wiltshire Police spokesman said the dogs were found at around 1.45pm and at the time no one had reported them missing.

It is not clear how the dogs managed to escape from the property.

Many Pet Insurance policies cover the loss of an animal if they stray or are stolen and also the cost of advertising for them and rewards if they are found.

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