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Puppy swims six miles to reuinte with family

Friday September 2nd 2016

A 10-month-old Belgian Malinois puppy has been reunited with its owners after falling from a boat and swimming six miles back to shore.

Rylee, who is being trained as a search and rescue dog, then walked 12 miles before she was found at a campsite.

Her owner Edward Casas, 56, told ABC News he had been boating with his wife Kristin on Lake Michigan when there was a mechanical problem with the vessel.

Rylee disappeared from the boat while he was trying to fix the problem in the engine room and his wife was steering the boat.

He says they had only been gone for 10 minutes and when they returned the pup was nowhere to be seen.

A "mayday dog overboard" radio call was immediately issued by Mr Casas.

Lynn Fiedor, who runs a group called Lost Dog Search Team, was contacted by a member of the public, who spotted Rylee the next morning near a campsite .

Mr and Mrs Casas parked at the campsite and were told by Ms Fiedor to mark their scent on the vehicle and lie down with the dog's food and toys.

When Mr Casas started squeaking one of Rylee's toys, she finally came running out of the trees to be reunited with his family.

An emotional Mr Casas says he is happy to have Rylee back.

"Let me tell you, I'm not the kind of guy that cries, but oh did this make me cry," he said.

"I am so proud of this dog and so proud of and grateful for Lynn."

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