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Puppy farmers warning to dog buyers

Wednesday February 29th 2012

Up to a third of dog owners may be buying their pet from puppy farmers, who breed too many litters from poorly kept females whose offspring could well suffer ill health and behavioural problems.

The warning came from the Kennel Club which said pet shops, the internet and local paper ads can be used by puppy farmers. It found 14% of more than 1,000 owners of pedigree, pure-bred, cross-breed and mixed-breed dogs bought from a pet shop, 7% went online, and 16% bought from paper ads.

The body wants rules toughened to crack down on the activity and says breeders should have to follow the Kennel Club Assured Breeders Scheme standards.

These include a safe and clean environment, parent dogs having health tests and a sale contract. The club urges buyers to check on health tests and certificates from parent dogs, even when buying a cross-breed, and advised that the puppy should be micro-chipped.

The club's new "stop puppy farming" campaign urges people to spot signs of irresponsible breeders, as well as report suspects and choose the club's assured breeders scheme or a rescue dog.

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