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Puppy farm owner handed jail sentence

Friday February 17th 2017

The owner of a West Midlands' puppy farm will spend six months behind bars after being found guilty of causing unnecessary suffering to dogs.

Sean Kerr, 52, was jailed after an investigation by the RSPCA discovered more than 30 animals living in deplorable conditions.

The floors of the room where the animals - which included puppies - were kept were coated with faeces. Their bedding was also soaked with urine.

RSPCA inspector Herchy Boal said: "The conditions these dogs were being kept in were completely inappropriate and inadequate."

Birmingham Magistrates' Court found Kerr, from Solihull, guilty of six counts of causing unnecessary suffering to dogs and three offences of failing to meet the needs of a number of dogs.

He has been sentenced to six months in prison, ordered to pay £30,000 costs and has been banned from keeping dogs for life.

Iain O'Donnell, prosecutor in the case, said: "Mr Kerr was selling puppies from various premises under various different names and identities and as a consequence, he was involved very plainly in the custody and control of these dogs referred to in the charges.

"He was responsible for the safety or duty of care for these dogs during the time referred to in the charges."

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