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Puppy bouncing back after swallowing knife

Wednesday January 18th 2017

A puppy is recovering from emergency surgery after swallowing an 8-inch kitchen knife.

Macie, a 12-week-old Staffordshire bull terrier, began choking on the blade and her owner had to rush the pup to the out-of-hours vet.

X-rays revealed it was trapped in her stomach and intestines.

Owner Irene Paisley, 46, from Glasgow, said: "Macie was making a squeaking sound - I thought she'd swallowed part of a toy. Then she was sick, but there was no sign of a toy, and she started choking.

"I was terrified. Poor Macie was still choking and, by the time we arrived at the vet's, there was blood coming out of her nose."

Ms Paisley says she has no idea how Macie had managed to get hold of the blade, but suspects the tiny terrier may have pinched it out of the dishwasher.

An operation on December 29 was a success and Macie was transferred to the PDSA's local Pet Hospital, and is now at home recovering from the traumatic ordeal.

PDSA vet Emily Ronald said: "I've never seen an X-ray like Macie's. She was extremely lucky to survive. Her saving grace was that she swallowed the handle-end first - the blade-end would undoubtedly have pierced her organs, likely causing fatal injuries."

Ms Ronald recalls how the pooch was bouncing all over the place the morning after surgery, as if nothing had happened.

Macie is "recovering and healing well", the vet added.

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