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Pupils tell tales to cats and dogs

Tuesday June 17th 2014

Dogs and cats at a rescue centre had a storytime treat when a class of six-year-olds popped round to read to them.

The homeless animals, taken in by Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, enjoyed a selection of animal-themed tales read by pupils from Cranbourne Primary School in Berkshire.

Staff at the Old Windsor rescue centre said telling stories to your pet can help calm them when they are stressed thanks to the rhythmic nature of reading.

The children were invited to visit the animal centre after donating £100 they raised through a cake sale - which included home-made dog biscuits.

Frank the pug, Tilly the cat and Ghost the lurcher were among the animals who enjoyed listening to the stories, which were penned by Battersea ambassador Dame Jacqueline Wilson.

Dame Jacqueline, a big supporter of the centre, will be a guest at its July 5 Fun Day.

Headteacher Ruth Huckle said she was proud of her pupils, who could not stop talking about the cats and dogs after their visit.

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