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Pupils take 120 of tech to school

Tuesday September 17th 2013

Children between the ages of six and 16 have an average £122 worth of gadgets like smartphones and tablet computers with them when they go to school, a new study has found.

The Money Advice Service research shows many parents are not worried about such devices being lost or stolen even though just one in seven are paying for insurance that covers the contents of their children's school bags.

Just a third of parents that took part in the survey said they would be angry if their offspring lost their school bag and only one in even fear how they would replace expensive items if they went missing.

Jane Symonds, head of service delivery at the Money Advice Service, said many people can't get by without the latest phones, tablets and MP3 players and they are now 'must-have' possessions for children as young as six.

She urged parents to consider the cost of replacing missing tech and to take out gadget insurance if their other policies fail to provide the cover they need.

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