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Pudsey the dog lands toy deal

Wednesday July 23rd 2014

Britain's Got Talent's most famous four-legged star has secured a deal to be turned into a cuddly toy for children.

Pudsey the dog, who was crowned as the winner of the TV talent competition with owner Ashleigh Butler in 2012, will also feature on a range of greetings cards and other gifts under the agreement with Carte Blanche.

The canine - a border collie, bichon frise and Chinese crested cross - is currently starring on the big screen in his film debut, Pudsey The Dog: The Movie, in which he is voiced by comedian David Walliams.

The heart-warming tale, which hit cinemas last week, follows Pudsey on an adventure of epic proportions.

Ms Butler is thrilled at the prospect of her dog coming to life in a range of consumer products. She hopes other people will get to know the lovable, cheeky character of Pudsey through the toys and cards.

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