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Pudsey gets the red carpet treatment

Tuesday July 15th 2014

Pudsey has followed in the footsteps in canine film icons such as Lassie, Beethoven and Scooby-Doo by making his movie debut.

The Britain's Got Talent's series-winning dancing dog enjoyed the red carpet treatment on Sunday (July 13) for the premiere of Pudsey The Dog: The Movie. But your pet doesn't have to be a film superstar to enjoy the benefits of Pet Insurance, which gives owners peace of mind should the unexpected happen.

The Bichon Frise/Chinese Crested powderpuff/Border Collie cross joined Ashleigh Butler, his 19-year-old owner, and talent show judge David Walliams for the Leicester Square showing.

Walliams provides the dog's voice in the movie, which opens in UK cinemas this Friday (July 18) and also stars Olivia Colman, Amanda Holden, Jessica Hynes and Peter Serafinowicz. The film sees Pudsey lead the fight to rescue his community from Mr Thorne (John Sessions), a dog-hating village landowner.

Butler said that Pudsey knew the day was going to be "something special" as he got ready for the premiere.

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