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Public sector employment down 4.4%

Friday March 2nd 2012

New figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show that employment in the public sector fell by 276,000 across the UK in the twelve months up to last autumn, a drop of 4.4%.

The biggest drop was reported in the South West at 37,000 or 7%, while employment figures fell by 35,000 or 4.8% in the North West and by 30,000 (4.2%) in the South East.

A total of 28,000 fewer people were employed in the public sector in London, a reduction of 3.4%, and numbers in Yorkshire and Humber fell by 20,000 (3.6%).

Overall, public sector employment figures in England were down 233,000 or 4.6%, followed by Scotland at 23,000 (3.8%), Wales at 9,000 (2.8%) and Northern Ireland at 4,000 (1.7%).

The ONS also said the highest number of employees in the public sector was found in London in autumn last year (790,000), with 680,000 people employed in the North West, 678,000 in the South East and 589,000 in Scotland.

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