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Public runs dental infection risk

Wednesday June 2nd 2010

More than a third of people have avoided visiting the dentist for the past five years because of the cost of treatment or fear, according to research.

The survey in Scotland found 8% had avoided check-ups because they are worried what the dentist might find, while a further 7% have not been simply because they are too scared and 8% because they could not afford it.

"Scottish residents are risking their oral health by not going to the dentist regularly," said Implantium Network managing director Jason Buglass. "There are courses available to help Britons overcome their fear of the dentist and many practitioners are compassionate to nervous patients and will take extra time to reassure them.

"It is important that the residents of Scotland realise that if they put off treatment they may exacerbate health problems, requiring more extensive, invasive and expensive treatment at a later date."

A tenth of people said they had not seen the dentist for five years because they had no problems with their teeth and 8% said they simply forgot to go.

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