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Public putting their health at risk

Wednesday May 30th 2012

Consumers who cut back on visits to the dentist and the opticians in order to save money are risking their health, according to new research by HPI.

The independent market research company conducted a survey of more than 1,000 people and found that just under a fifth (19%) are getting their teeth checked less often, while 17% are taking fewer trips to get their eyes tested.

Juliet Strachan, study author, admits this is an "increasingly worrying trend", stating those who cut corners when it comes to their own health and welfare "could store up problems for the future".

The poll also revealed that in these difficult financial times many are forced to reassess their priorities, with 67% stating they have had to give up things.

Almost a half (49%) said they had tried to save money by haggling for things they want, and 34% admitted to delaying buying things they would have previously not hesitated in purchasing.

Just over a quarter (27%) of respondents said they are now even eating less healthily than before the downturn.

Juliet Strachan added: "Our research underlines the scale of cutbacks people are making and the impact spans almost every aspect of life from spending, bills and shopping to health, socialising and diet."

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