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Pub treats fans of real ale... and real cats

Thursday November 12th 2015

A wide variety of cats, as well as beers, are attracting drinkers to a Bristol city centre pub.

All of the cats resident in the St George's Road-based Bag o' Nails hostelry were born there. One regular told a Bristol Post reporter that the moggies make the watering hole "pretty special".

It turns out the punters love fat cats and adorable kittens stepping over their pint as part of the overall cosy ambience.

Landlord Luke Daniels says there are currently 15 cats, after deciding that the one-time number of 24 was just too many.

He says one of the felines was born in a pub crisp box while the quiz night was being held. The cats give the Bag o' Nails a real snug charm.

But beer lovers are also drawn by its 100-plus brews, vinyl-spinning record player and the blues musicians pictures which adorn the walls. Music said to be on offer includes psychedelic, soul and funk.

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