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Probe into sale of under-age puppy

Friday August 21st 2015

A council is looking to prosecute a dog trader after an under-age puppy was sold to an unsuspecting couple.

Faadil Esack, 23, and his wife Shurnelle Baksh, 24, from Nottingham, bought the West Highland Terrier, named Lacey, online.

They were told the pup was 22 weeks old. But an examination from a vet revealed its true age was 16 weeks.

Nottingham County Council says the trader used a fake passport to cover the fact the pedigree dog was too young to be sold.

The trading standards team at the authority plans to prosecute the unnamed trader for suspected fraud.

Mr Esack and Mrs Baksh took Lacey to the vet as she had been suffering from a kennel cough.

Alice Grice, vice-chairman of the council's community safety committee, says it is the latest in a long line of examples of people being tricked into buying a pedigree dog on the internet that is not old enough to be sold.

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