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Prince Charles visits dog show

Thursday June 25th 2015

A jovial Jack Russell has been given the royal treatment from the future king.

Bonny Bluebell was hoisted into the air by the Prince of Wales as they shared a loving cuddle. The four-legged friend belongs to the Prince's wife, the Duchess of Cornwall.

Charles was photographed laughing with Bluebell at the first-ever Cumnock-based Dumfries House Dog Show in Scotland's East Ayrshire on Wednesday June 24. The Prince could barely contain his joy as he laughed around with the pet.

Charles was seen wearing a smart, grey double-breasted pinstripe suit with a patterned silk tie and a pastel blue-coloured shirt. Camilla was also seen with her second dog, called Beth, while wearing a blue polka dot dress.

The royal couple finished day two of a four-day visit north of the border by visiting market stalls and enjoying various dog classes.

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