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Priests and their cats star in 2016 calendar

Thursday December 17th 2015

Russian priests and their cats are the theme of a new 2016 calendar.

The venture from the Russian Orthodox Church depicts 12 priests at home with their pet moggies. The calendar, whose sales have exceeded expectations since the release last week, has been edited by Ksenia Luchenko and photographed by Anna Galperina.

Some priests considered the project "too opportunist" and would not have their pictures taken, said Ms Luchenko. She said the concept was thought up on the spur of the moment.

It is now being hailed as the Russian Orthodox Church's equivalent of a cross between the Gatti di Roma and the traditional Italian Calendario Romano calendars. The former is a calendar featuring Rome's cats.

The latter is a yearly Catholic calendar depicting some of that Church's most dashing young priests. The Russian calendar looks likely to go to a second print run, following strong demand.

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