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Pregnant Dog abandoned in Glasgow

Wednesday November 16th 2011

An animal welfare charity is taking care of a dog that was abandoned by its owner while she was in labour.

The SSPCA was contacted on Sunday afternoon after the Staffordshire bull terrier was found at Glaive Road in the Knightswood area of Glasgow with two tins of food and a ball.

According to the staff of SSPCA, the dog, which has been named Poppy, gave birth to one pup on the street and had three more at SSPCA Dunbartonshire and West Scotland Animal Rescue and Rehoming Centre.

Hamish Mackintosh, SSPCA's chief inspector, said: "This was an extremely cruel act against a very vulnerable dog. It was very lucky she was found, and thankfully Poppy and all her pups are doing well.

He added: "To abandon any animal is wrong but this poor girl was in labour and would have been extremely distressed. We would ask anyone with information about who dumped Poppy to come forward as soon as possible."

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