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'Postman Pat' cat's Battersea delivery

Thursday June 26th 2014

Anyone who ever watched the children's TV show Postman Pat knows he has a black and white cat called Jess.

So when staff at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home took delivery of a stray cat that had hitched a 67-mile ride in the back of a real life postman's van, the temptation to call her anything other than Jess was just too great to resist.

Curiosity got the better of the two-year-old tortoiseshell when she climbed into the red Royal Mail van in Southampton, only to be discovered curled up in the back by the postman driving it when he arrived in Langley, Berkshire, later that morning.

Having delivered his mail, the postman then stopped off for an extra delivery to Battersea's rescue centre at Old Windsor in Berkshire.

Staff there named her Jess after Postman Pat's cat and say her story highlights the importance of getting pets microchipped.

The charity looks after more than 3,000 cats every year with almost half of them arriving, like Jess, as strays.

But just 15% of the felines Battersea takes in are microchipped, making the job of reuniting them with their owners much harder.

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