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Posties take the biscuit to ward off dogs

Tuesday May 12th 2015

Being bitten by a dog while out delivering letters is something many posties around the world live in fear of.

But now postal workers in Austria are being sent out on their rounds with a stash of canine biscuits and other treats in a bid to keep overzealous guard dogs at bay.

The move comes after nearly 50 postmen and women were bitten by dogs in Austria last year while making deliveries to homes.

Postie Maria Stocker, of Salzburg, says going out with a pocketful of doggy treats had turned her into a popular visitor at homes with dogs.

She says while some dogs used to view her as a threat to their territory they are now always well behaved when she arrives with her letters and parcels.

Maria says she is now known as "the treat lady" and viewed as a friend rather than a threat by the canines on her round.

A pet shop has helped to launch the scheme by providing postal service Austrian Post AG with a supply of dog treats each year.

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