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Posties deliver dog awareness message

Tuesday July 1st 2014

Letters are falling through people's letterboxes this week bearing a special postmark to highlight the Royal Mail's Dog Awareness Week.

The campaign aims to encourage pet owners to ensure their animals are kept under control while post is delivered.

The call comes in the wake of shocking figures which show that over 3,300 postal workers were injured by dogs last year, an increase of 8% on the previous 12 months.

Donald Brydon, chairman of Royal Mail, says although most dogs aren't inherently dangerous, attacks can happen when animals think their territory is under threat.

He says the organisation's first priority is its employees, adding that the owners of animals with a known territorial nature can take simple steps to help; such as keeping their dog indoors when their post person calls.

The Communication Workers Union's health and safety officer, Dave Joyce, says the law has been changed to allow stiffer penalties for irresponsible dog owners whose animals attack a postal worker on private property.

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