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Poshest pets are In The Dog House

Thursday August 14th 2014

Pampered pooches are having the time of their lives at a new luxury doggy hotel in the West Midlands.

In The Dog House opened last month and features 10 themed rooms, some of which are named French Fancy, Boat House, Beach Hut and Glamping Pad.

The Regal Suite is strictly for the poshest canines, the purple French Boudoir features a bottle of Coco Chanel perfume and the Moroccan Room is adorned in silks, lanterns and also includes a tagine.

The luxury retreat is perfect for people who love to lavish luxury on their beloved pets and certainly wouldn't dream of owning a dog without a good Pet Insurance policy.

No expense is spared and whichever room they are in dogs get their own bed and even a TV complete with 'doggy channel'. The can have a bath and a brush and enjoy a sensory social room.

In The Dog House, in Cornets End Lane, Meriden, is run by dog walker Nikki Scarlett and her sister Cyndy.

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