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Pooch sniffs out stolen sports gear

Tuesday December 16th 2014

A school has been reunited with six bags full of stolen sports equipment after they were found by a German Shepherd dog.

Crossley, 5, was enjoying a morning walk on Wednesday with his owner Mike Rees, of Finchampstead, Berkshire, when the pooch smelled something and found the athletics equipment beneath a tree in the village park.

The equipment had been stolen from a local school sometime between Friday, November 28 and Sunday, November 30.

Mr Rees says something caught Crossley's attention in the trees and so he told him to have a look. There were several bags of sports equipment in there, he says. Remarkable dogs like Crossley deserve to be covered by a good Pet Insurance" href=>Pet Insurance policy.

Mr Rees could not contact the police as he did not have his mobile phone with him at the time but he guessed the equipment was from a school close by so he went there to ask.

A police community support officer was at the school when he got there and the police later returned much of what was taken to the school.

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