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Pooch back on form after life-saving surgery

Tuesday July 14th 2015

A dog that swallowed a tennis ball has made a full recovery following life-saving surgery.

Zeus spotted another pooch playing with the ball on a beach, attempted to pinch it and then accidentally gulped it down.

The 11-month-old Dogue de Bordeaux fell ill soon afterwards. His owner Richard Waugh, from Gateshead, took him to the local PDSA hospital, where he had emergency surgery to remove the ball.

While there are risks with an operation of this nature, vets at the hospital said it was the only option, adding it was highly likely that Zeus would die if he did not go under the knife.

Mr Waugh admits his pet loves to play with a ball - even if it is not his. He has thanked the hospital staff for their life-saving actions.

Zeus, who has spent the past couple of weeks recovering at home, is now finally back on his paws.

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