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Police officer rescues dog in riot

Thursday August 11th 2011

The owners of a dog found by police riot officers during disturbances in east London have been urged to come forward.

The officer found the Staffordshire bull terrier at the end of his night shift in Hackney and took him to Blue Cross animal charity in Merton.

Blue Cross staff have contacted the local dog warden and appealed for help to find the owner because the dog did not have a microchip or any identification.

Becky Dawe, deputy head nurse at the charity, said Blue Cross staff have given the dog the name Blaze.

She said: "Blaze is a lovely, gentle boy and he has been pretty stressed-out since he arrived.

"The riot officer who brought him in was shattered after his night shift and said he had found the dog close to where the trouble was happening in Hackney.

"This poor dog must have been terrified with everything that was going on around him and he was lucky he was found."

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