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Police force reject petition to let dog retire with handler

Wednesday February 22nd 2017

A police dog will not be allowed to retire with her handler despite more than 35,000 people signing a petition in support of the request.

Sgt David Evans requested to keep Ivy - a four-year-old German shepherd - as he left West Mercia Police after 34 years' service last week.

However, the appeal has been rejected by the force, saying Ivy is very young with "many years' of service ahead of her."

Chief Constable Bangham said: "We appreciate that all our handlers form close relationships with the dogs they work with and, understandably, many want to continue that relationship when they retire.

"Although the dogs live with their handlers and have close relationships with them, they are not family pets. They belong to the force and are highly valued resources."

Sergeant Evans has been left heartbroken as a result of the decision.

Daughter Jennie Evans launched the online petition in a bid to urge the force to change its mind.

On launching the appeal, Ms Evans said: "West Mercia need to show they appreciate these efforts and not treat dogs as dispensable equipment that can be 'handed down' to other people."

The sergeant's daughter said the family even offered to pay for the cost of replacing Ivy and has alerted the Police and Crime Commissioner to their predicament.

She added: "Dad sacrificed many family moments with the support of his wife to enable him to undergo months of training with his police dogs."

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