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Police dog with the 11m nose retires

Monday January 5th 2015

A Staffordshire Police dog who helped to sniff out over £11 million worth of illegal cash, guns and drugs has hung up his schnozzle.

The Force estimates that Alfie the nine-year-old springer spaniel has helped assist in around 400 arrests during his eight years in the county.

This makes his super-sensitive snout a very valuable commodity and one of the country's most successful police-helping dogs.

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Mat Derrick, an inspector with Staffordshire Police, lauded the efforts of the handler-and-dog team of Pc Julie Hargreaves and Alfie.

He called the pair "inseparable" when it came to crime-fighting. Insp Derrick described Alfie's efforts as "very busy" and called Pc Hargreaves' dog-handling abilities "outstanding".

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