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Police dog 'too timid to bite'

Thursday July 21st 2011

A German shepherd who is too timid to bite has been turned down by Northumbria Police's dog training section.

Vegas was specially bred for police work but during the training sessions at the force's headquarters in Ponteland, experts found that the 19-month-old dog is too hesitant and tentative when it comes to biting.

According to an officer, Vegas may even fail to make an ideal family pet as she is "very nervous" around children.

During the rigorous training process, would-be police dogs are taught to bark and bite on command, jump through windows, ignore gunshots as well as sink their teeth into knifemen.

Dog Section Sergeant John Sim said: "She will make someone a lovely pet in the right environment.

"She is very nervous around children so would require an adult-only home, with owners with plenty of breed experience and time to devote to her."

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