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Police dog suffers fractured skull

Tuesday August 16th 2011

A police officer has described his emotions after his German shepherd was seriously injured in the Tottenham riots.

Obi, a police dog, suffered a fractured skull when rioters pelted officers with missiles on Tottenham High Road.

PC Wells said they were on duty when they were bombarded with bottles, bricks, petrol bombs and street furniture, and a missile hit the dog.

To see three-year-old Obi, his best friend, lying injured at the vets was "very emotional", he said.

Obi was first taken to a vet and then transferred to the Royal Veterinary School in Cambridge for a CT scan which showed he had a fractured skull above the left eye socket.

The dog has lived with Constable Wells in Surrey, his wife Laura and two children since he was eight weeks old and is seen as a family member.

The officer said: "Although he is not a pet - he is a working dog - when he is at home it is family time and he is part of our family.

"To see your best friend and work colleague get injured while at work is difficult but he is getting a lot support from everyone and he will be back fighting fit."

Hoping that Obi will get well soon, the police officer said: "He is on medication so he is quite lethargic when usually he is a bouncy dog but hopefully with a bit of rest and recuperation he will be back to normal soon."

Obi will not return to work until he fully recovers.

Constable Wells said all eight dogs in his unit suffered cut pads on their paws from broken glass. Some also suffered broken teeth.

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