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Police adopt cat as new mascot

Thursday July 7th 2016

A cat has become the new official mascot of Durham Police Force.

A professionally drawn cartoon of Burnopfield-based Mittens from County Durham will be the face of the constabulary. The move comes after Mittens' owner Eliza Adamson-Hopper wrote to Chief Constable Mike Barton complaining that the force employed only dog mascots.

Chief Constable Barton sent a handwritten reply to the five-year-old girl, saying that her idea would be considered. He also enclosed a sketch of Joey, his own cat.

Mittens is now set to be the mascot for the force's Mini Police volunteering scheme aimed at children between nine and 11 years old. Eliza says she loves the new cartoon of Mittens, especially as it has made the feline famous.

Cheryl Adamson, Eliza's mother, says she was blown away by the outcome of her daughter's letter, while Chief Constable Barton says he thinks Eliza's idea was great.

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