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Plump pets take on fit club regime

Friday June 6th 2014

Many pet owners are guilty of overfeeding their animals but those who have gone that little bit too far are entering them into this year's PDSA Pet Fit Club competition.

One such animal is podgy miniature pinscher Alfie from Bradford, who weighs a hefty 9.5kg. He is one of 17 pets taking part in the charity's slimming challenge.

Middlesbrough bulldog Daisy is another pooch that just eats and eats. At 28kg she is 40% heavier than her ideal weight of 20kg. Another dog, Millie the Jack Russell from Newcastle, is fed doner kebabs and is 40% overweight.

Man's best friend isn't the only animal being spoiled. Cheese and onion crisp-loving cat Zorro wakes his owner up at night for a feed and now weighs 9.4kg, nearly twice as much as a normal cat. Poppy the rabbit from Aberdeen is aptly named as she loves popcorn. During the winter she is as much as a third over the weight of a regular bunny.

According to PDSA senior vet Elaine Pendlebury a third of dogs and a quarter of cats tend to be overweight and it can have a significant impact on their health. Owners that care about the health of their animals can arrange Pet Insurance to cover vet costs.

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