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Plucky poodle survives hell ride

Monday October 8th 2012

Amazed dog owners have celebrated their pet poodle's miraculous survival after being knocked down by a car and then stuck in the vehicle's grille for eleven miles.

The fluffy white canine known as Suzie was struck by the vehicle in Taunton, Massachusetts, but the driver did not realise she had become trapped on the front of his car as he continued his journey to Rhode Island.

She was finally spotted after a hair-raising 11-mile trip by another motorist in East Providence. Amazingly, she was alive and her ordeal had left her with only concussion and minor injuries.

Her worried owners, who have not been named, learnt about their dog's fate after watching news bulletins. Luckily they were able to prove the plucky poodle was theirs by producing documents from the vets detailing her microchip number.

They have described their pet's survival as a "miracle".

William Muggle, an animal control supervisor in East Providence, said the driver had seen Suzie run in front of his car on September 20 but after he performed an emergency stop, she was nowhere to be seen.

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