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Plaque set to honour 'bus stop' cat

Wednesday February 3rd 2016

A plaque is to be put up to remember a cat who won local notoriety and love for waiting at a Hampshire bus stop.

Missy was put to sleep after getting injured either in a car accident or attack. But the 13-year-old ginger cat's memory will live on after fundraisers collected £2,800-plus for a commemorative plaque.

Richard McCormick, Missy's owner, found his injured cat, who was a familiar sight waiting for the number 39 bus in Havant. People have left messages, flowers, drawings and photographs at the stop.

A fundraising campaign has covered the cost of a plaque with the rest going to a pet charity. Craig Cockram, the campaign organiser, says passengers waiting for the bus used to love stroking Missy.

One fan, Peter Griffin, said on the campaign page that he is heartbroken by the thought of something or someone doing damage to such a "beautiful" cat. Mr Griffin thanked Missy for the joy she has given people down the years.

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