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Plan for world's first cat cinema

Wednesday April 15th 2015

Two cat lovers are to launch what they say will be the first cat cinema in the world.

Paula Siedlecka and William Piper say the London centre, called Great Kitten, will not only have a cat cinema but a cafe and cat shelter too.

Their start-up business will allow people who like cats to have a cuppa and a cuddle with a cat while watching a movie.

William, 24, says customers will be able to book one or two hours with the cats and pay between £5 and £10. If they want to watch one of around 10 movies they intend to show per week they will pay between £10 and £12.

Siedlecka, 25, says Great Kitten will be a loving home for rescued cats and will have rules on how the felines can be handled. She says visitors will not be allowed to pick them up, be aggressive when playing with them and will be asked not to disturb the sleeping cats.

She adds the numbers of visitors will be checked to make sure the cats are not overwhelmed by too many people around them.

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