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Picture of owners' perfect dog revealed

Thursday April 9th 2015

A dog claiming its ancestry from a mixture of half-a-dozen breeds may sound as if it would look a little strange.

But a survey of dog owners suggests the bizarre mixed-breed canine could be the nation's perfect hound.

Hundreds of pet owners were asked to list their favourite characteristics in a dog. And when the results were compiled by Frontline Spot On, an image emerged of a dog that has the soft snout and mid-range bark of a Labrador, the tail of an Irish setter and the soft hair of an English bulldog.

The perfect dog, the flea and tick protection firm suggests, would also have the soft, floppy ears of a King Charles spaniel, the eyes of a beagle and the torso of a border collie.

Just over one in three of those polled said they would like their canine companion to have a short-haired coat that is easy to care for, while nearly half (45%) wanted a standard-sized dog such as a collie. Half said they would choose a Labrador's round, soft snout and a third would like their pet to have the floppy ears of a spaniel.

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