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Pets stop families going on holiday

Monday May 6th 2013

The financial or emotional cost of leaving pets at home while away is stopping families taking a holiday, according to a survey.

The rising cost of kennels or pet-sitting services is putting a quarter of families off taking a break this summer, according to the research by

Others have a sense of guilt about leaving their pets while they are away, worried about the care their four-legged friends will receive elsewhere. Others cannot rely on family or friends looking after their pets or are too embarrassed to ask.

Of the 1,250 pet owners surveyed, 2% said they hadn't taken a holiday without their pets for five years because of emotional ties. Just over 2% said they had not left the UK on holiday for at least five years because of their pets.

Figures from 2012 show that about half of British households have at least one pet.

Phil Harris, from, said: "Pets bring so much joy to people, but they do require constant care and as the survey shows, this can cause problems when planning to go abroad."

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