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Pets slimming contest launched

Thursday June 18th 2015

The owner of an overweight Labrador with a soft spot for picnics hopes he will soon get a taste of glory instead - by winning a nationwide slimming competition for pets.

Bobby, a chocolate-coloured dog from Dundee, is double the size he ought to be, weighing in at a hefty 63.5kg.

Marilyn Neave, his owner, says this is largely down to his "mischievous" habit of stealing so many summer picnics that she can no longer take his lead off when food is around.

Bobby is going head to head with 16 other pets participating in the PDSA-organised Pet Fit Club competition, which will see them put on a fresh exercise and diet programme.

Two of his rivals in the contest include mastiff-like Kayla, who has already slimmed down from 61kg to 59.4kg, and Harley, a cocker spaniel, whose top weight has been 27kg.

The PDSA will reveal the winner in December.

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