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Pets receive '100 Christmas gifts'

Thursday December 12th 2013

The nation's cats and dogs are just as high a priority on the Christmas list as the in-laws, a new survey suggests.

According to a Blue Cross-commissioned survey, pet owners expect to spend more than £100 on their pooches and felines this festive season, with men admitting they will fork out more on their pet than their father-in-law.

Cat owners plan to spend, on average, £106.29, while dog owners will shell out a little less at £103.51.

As well as a gift for their 'favourite friend', pet owners will also splash out on gifts for friends and family from an animal, cards and even crackers.

Those in the north-east appear most keen to treat their pet this Christmas, with half saying they will get their pet a gift, compared to 28% in the south-east, and 30% in London.

While most of the UK's 17 million pet dogs and cats look set for a pampered time this winter, the Blue Cross is urging people not to forget the hundreds of animals without a home.

Sarah Potter, Communications Manager at Cardif Pinnacle, said: "Whilst it's lovely that we spoil our pets like other members of the family at Christmas, we need to ensure this is not at the expense of their healthcare.

"Having good quality Pet Insurance could be the best present you will ever give your pet."

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