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Pets now 'companion and counsellor'

Monday May 26th 2014

People living stressful lives appear to be turning to their cats and dogs to help ease the strain.

A new survey found people spend more than 200 hours a year - or around half an hour a day - talking to their cat or dog, with a fifth of women even admitting to asking their pet for advice on anything from their job to their love life.

One of the reasons given for the daily chats is to help pet owners make decisions. Forget turning to mum and dad or a best friend for their opinions, the poll found a third of women and a quarter of men said talking to their pet gives them time to put their thoughts in order and help make important life decisions.

However, it's not just the role of counsellor that many cats and dogs are taking on these days, with at least a third of men and women often choosing the companionship offered by their pet over their partner.

And watch out if your partner's pet seems to take a dislike to you, as 10% of people admit they have ended a relationship if their other half does not get on with their four-legged friend.

Copyright Press Association 2014

Copyright Press Association 2014