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Pets displaying 'problem behaviour'

Friday November 9th 2012

Fundamental gaps in knowledge about animal welfare should be addressed by teaching children in school how to be good pet owners, claimed the PDSA.

The call comes after research from the animal charity highlighted "frightening" levels of problem behaviour in pets stemming from owners failing to socialise and obedience-train their dogs at an early age.

The PDSA said 1.3 million dogs across the UK were displaying "problem behaviour" with nearly one in three (30%) of owners revealing they had been bitten or attacked by a dog, while more than half (51%) said they knew someone who had suffered the same fate.

Nearly two thirds (65%) of children have been frightened or scared by a dog's behaviour, a separate study found.

The PSDA report said an estimated 18.5 million dogs, cats and rabbits were being fed unsuitable diets and treats despite their owners knowing full well about the health risks involved.

It also warned that around 11.2 million pets are not vaccinated, leaving them at "serious" risk of contracting potentially fatal illnesses which can mean costly vet bills in the absence of any Pet Insurance.

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