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Pets abandoned for not being 'cute'

Thursday December 13th 2012

More than 16,000 abandoned dogs have been looked after by the Dogs Trust over the last year.

And the charity says some of the reasons given by owners for parting with their pets are so petty they include the dog not being as cute as when they first gave him a home or the animal not matching a sofa.

The Dogs Trust, which runs 18 centres across the UK, has launched this year's A Dog Is For Life, Not Just For Christmas campaign urging people who are thinking about getting a dog to think about their decision very carefully.

The charity asks people not to give animals as presents and to help reduce the number of dogs treated as Christmas gifts, it refuses to rehome any of its canines between December 22 and 29 or until January 2 in Scotland.

An unplanned litter of Labrador collie cross puppies were recently taken in at the Dogs Trust's centre in Uddingston, South Lanarkshire. The owners of the mother, who had not realised the dog was pregnant, managed to rehome four of the eight puppies themselves but when the animals reached six weeks they asked the charity to help them find owners for the remaining four.

George Paparakis, assistant manager at the centre, said while some people had valid reasons to give up their pets, others simply shouldn't have taken them home in the first place. Anyone giving a home to a dog should ensure they have an appropriate Pet Insurance policy in place.

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