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Pet supergroup sings Happy Birthday to Queen

Thursday April 21st 2016

Dogs, cats and rabbits are among the animals in a pet supergroup that has performed a 90th birthday tribute for the Queen.

Their funny, heart-warming video rendition of Happy Birthday marks Her Majesty's landmark anniversary. But there is a serious message behind the 58-second film, the Telegraph reports.

All the animals included in the group are pets waiting to be rehomed by the Blue Cross charity. Horses, guinea pigs and chinchillas also feature on the track to mark what is the equivalent of a 500th birthday in dog years.

The Torbay branch of the Blue Cross charity says it has marked the day like this because it knows how much the Queen adores animals, from horses to her corgis.

Manager Laura Boyle says featuring the charity's wonderful pets make a fitting tribute as well as furthering their own cause to find new families.

The video concludes with a cute kitten meowing next to a royal crown.

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