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Pet store in crowdsourced new ad

Tuesday May 13th 2014

A pet store chain has used videos and photos uploaded to social media sites as a basis for a new advert.

Pets at Home's 60-second My Pet Moments ad debuted in a break of Britain's Got Talent on ITV on Saturday and it is thought as many as 11 million people saw it.

The producers of the promo looked at around 13,000 images and clips looking for examples of unique connections between animals and their owners.

It is the first time Pets at Home has used crowdsourcing in its advertising. It employed Krow Communications to do the work and asked pet lovers to use Facebook, YouTube and other social media sites to upload their content. Those who did so via Twitter used the #MyPetMoments hashtag.

Owners enjoy lots of happiness with their animals but Pets at Home promises to support them through good and bad times, according to its marketing director Scott Jefferson. Many owners sure they are covered for vets bills by taking out Pet Insurance.

Krow Communications asked documentary makers to combine the footage and pictures into the finished film. A version lasting three minutes can be seen online but the TV ads, which will continue to be shown this month, are 30 or 40 seconds long. The advert will also have special premieres at the Pets at Home stores in Stockport, Swindon, Leicester Fosse Park, New Malden and Ford Kinnaird.

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