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Pet owners warned over junk food

Thursday October 20th 2011

A leading animal charity has warned that about 12 million pets are being given junk food - putting their health at serious risk.

The PDSA Animal Wellbeing (PAW) Report, which involved a survey of 11,000 pet owners, found the diets of millions of animals are "inappropriate".

PDSA senior vet Sean Wensley warned owners that their pets would go on to suffer the same obesity-related, life-threatening illnesses which humans face unless their animals eat more healthily.

"Many owners may think that their favourite treats are harmless to pets. This is not the case."

Diabetes, arthritis and heart disease are among the conditions which dogs, cats and rabbits will suffer from, Mr Wensley warned after the results of the massive survey were published.

"Treats" that owners admitted giving to their pets on a daily basis included takeaways, crisps, cheese and cakes. "The effect on their health is devastating," Mr Wensley warned.

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