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Pet owners warned over 'Alabama rot' dangers

Thursday May 11th 2017

Dog owners have been urged to remain vigilant over a dangerous disease called Alabama rot.

Figures suggest the illness has already caused the deaths of 15 British dogs since the turn of the year.

After being discovered five years ago, roughly 100 confirmed cases of Alabama rot are said to have been seen, with more than 20 counties affected.

Speaking to Sky News, veterinary nurse Jessica Worthington said the illness is "every dog owner's worst nightmare", with her own pet - Pippa - experiencing it.

Skin lesions and organ failure are both associated with the condition, with death a very real possibility.

According to the broadcaster, vets are now gathering in Reading this week as part of a specialist conference regarding the disease. The cause of the illness and possible cures will both be on the agenda.

Also speaking to Sky, vet Richard Gowshall said most dog owners are unlikely to witness Alabama rot, as long as its prevalence continues as it is.

But he said that for dogs who are affected, it can be "devastating".

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