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Pet owners warned of sunlight dangers

Thursday April 27th 2017

Pet owners have been warned of the dangers which strong sunlight can pose to their cats and dogs.

Ahead of the warmer summer weather, veterinary charity PDSA has highlighted that skin cancer and sunburn can both pose a threat to pets.

Devon Live has reported that areas which are only covered by a small amount of fur can notably be at risk from the sun.

PDSA vet Rebecca Ashman said many people assume that their pets' fur will protect them from damaging sunlight.

But she warned: "Unfortunately, this isn't an effective barrier, and white-furred pets are at highest risk because their skin lacks natural pigmentation which helps to block out the harmful UV rays."

Pets can avoid dangerous conditions such as skin cancer by being kept out of the sun during periods of particularly hot weather, Ms Ashman said.

While the weather has taken a chilly turn of late, her advice may prove beneficial to pet owners once spring eventually turns into summer...

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