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Pet owners urged to 'quit smoking'

Friday March 5th 2010

Smokers are being warned by a leading animal charity of the dangers to which they could be exposing their pets.

The PDSA is urging pet owners to quit the habit for the sake of their animal's health.

They hope smokers will take advantage of National No Smoking Day which is happening on March 10.

Research shows that dogs who are exposed to tobacco smoke may go on to develop nasal and sinus cancers. They are also in danger of suffering from lethal smoking-related respiratory problems.

This shows the importance of having adequate pet insurance.

Cats who are living in smoking households are twice as likely to develop feline lymphoma - a potentially fatal form of cancer.

Second-hand cigarette smoke is also known to negatively affect the sensitive respiratory systems of pet birds.

A senior PDSA vet said: "The effects of passive smoking on humans are well known.

"But many people don't realise their pets are also affected by breathing in second-hand smoke.

"As with people, the effects of the smoke from cigarettes will eventually take their toll on our pets.

"They then have to suffer the pain and distress of life-threatening cancer or chronic breathing difficulties."

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